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    Elementary Biblical Podcast Influencers

Timeless Theater Academy!




"Ms. Jefferson and Training Wills Christian Child Development are needed in the community because,  for our children, it will provide a safe haven and stable environment for education and recreation"

 Phillip & Stephanie Carter

Valued Parents


Training Wills Christian 

Child Development Center

Before & After School
Acting Sessions

"I admire

Ms. Jefferson's early childhood expertise, poise, and professionalism ... trustworthy, warm, and inviting; nurturing, firm, and confident; open, caring, and honest; and most of all patient ... Her competency, composure and soothing nature make her a pleasure to her students and their parents alike; and her patience and determination to ensure that she equips and prepares students for the future are paramount to her continue success."

— Satira

A Valued Mother


Training Wills Christian Child

Development Center

"Ms. Jefferson's teaching skills are among the best ... she set the base for my son to excel in the classroom ...
a valuable asset to the teaching profession." 

— Mary Proctor
A Valued Parent
Training Wills Christian
Child Development Center

Miniya shares her unscripted testimony as a young actress. She is a Timeless Visual Works and Training Wills alumna who performed as a child star in over sixty-five stage plays.

The Mommy Miniya and Me Show bears her name as a leading performer of the series. Miniya's name means "much is expected of her" and proves as a current talented and gifted

university student.

There are no limits for

Timeless students!

Young Vlogger

“... the tools  Ms. Jefferson use helped to instill in my children are the reason my oldest son was able to test into school a year early.”

— Jamie & Angel Petty

Valued Parents


Training Wills Christian Child

Development Center

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