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Master Class


Do you dream of becoming a published author?  

Do you want to know how to turn your story into a published book?

Dr. Ollie L. Jefferson will work with you over a period of weeks or months and help you with your writing project. She is an author and publisher of the book series,

Time Will Tell ... Stage 1, 2, and 3. For over 10 years, she also has served as a 

leader and writer for magazine publications - GraceVision, and Vision Kids.

Dr. Jefferson is a scholar currently focused on academic research and publications.

This book coach offers support, conversation, and editorial feedback. 


Become inspired by Timeless Publishing and 

book your dream today!

Become Inspired ...




Dr. Ollie L. Jefferson



"Time Will Tell ... Stage ... is a moving, inspiring story of one woman's walk through rejection, acceptance,

desire for love, and realization of dreams. 


The story is written with a sometimes startling, yet refreshing transparency through which human insecurities have no place to hide; reflecting a bit of every woman's desire to rise above negative voices, harmful relationships, and unfair stereotypes. 

An excellent sharing of personal struggle and blessing!"


Selah Sisters - Michele Renee


Author Ollie L. Jefferson, Ph.D. would love to participate in your next book club or event that will incite discussion for some time to come.

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