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How do I start a new project in your film department?


We have several options for your project submission:


OPTION 1:    Contact us with your desired service.


OPTION 2:    Email your specifications at info@timelessvisualworks.com.


OPTION 3:   Request a 35 minutes phone consultation.

How can I book Timeless stage plays and training sessions for my theater, school or event?
Simply go to Timeless Theater and click on the stage plays you're interested in booking.  Once you're there, click on the icon "Book the Show" for more information on our performance categories.  Schedule a consultation for our first conference to meet your show requirements.  
We also offer professional development training for teachers, students, schools, and families.  Go to Timeless Academy and click on the program you're interesting in us bringing to your location.  Schedule a consultation for our first conference to meet your show requirements.  
How do I participate in the Time Will Tell...Stage I and Stage 2 by Ollie L. Jefferson conversation via Facebook or Twitter?

Follow Ollie L. Jefferson on Facebook and Twitter.
Where can I get my copy of Time Will Tell...Stage I & Stage 2 by Ollie L. Jefferson?
You can order a copy online by clicking on Timeless Publishing department or visit one of the following locations:  


 Amazon Books


Greater Mt. Calvary Bookstore


Howard University Bookstore


John 3:16 Bookstore


Timeless Visual Works Publishing


How do I find out when you're having your next stage play, book signing, and new project release?


You'll receive the latest updates from Timeless Visual Works, LLC book signings, theatrical performances, and events from our newsletter.  Just subscribe:  

Timeless Visual Works, LLC


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Pre-production              Performances                                         Hollywood Stars                                   Time Will Tell...Stage I            News     

Production                    Time Will Tell...Stage I                                       Dramatic Play                          Book Clubs                              FAQ Photography                 Rise Up!                                                              Creative Expressions                                                               CART

Post-production            Can I Get a Witness!                               Drama Kings & Queens                                                                       Connect With Us!

                                      It Ain't Over Yet!                                               Theater Acting                       

                                      The Mommy Miniya & Me Show:                     Film & Theater Production

                                                   It's a Family Affair Series          Saturday Stage

                                                      Virtuous Women Series                      Auditions

                                                               Enter Racial Series       Training Wills Development

                                                                    S.E.E.D. Series                     Women & Girls Expo

                                                                   My Diary Series                     Girl, Imagine That!

                                                                       Family Series                      Etiquette Session

                                       The Mommy Miniya & Me Show:                     Training Wills Christian

                                                            Experience on DVD                           Child Development