Are you surrounded by the quicksand of life? Taken captive by the mistakes of your past?  Do you know deep in your heart that you have unfulfilled purpose?  

Time Will Tell…Stage 2 by Ollie L. Jefferson is the continuation of a spiritual journey that reveals generational patterns, cycles, and curses.   A transparent testimony for others to look in the deep rooted past struggles with faith, relationships, and destiny.  

Marriage, children, financial issues, career moves…At twenty-something years old, a few decisions suddenly change the courses of life.  A mother’s memoir to inspire daughters from all walks of life to turn from dead-end roads and step into a successful future.   A true story to encourage women to watch out for stumbling blocks, pay attention to warning signs, and discover:

●  	how sexual sacrifices shatter self-esteem, causing unnecessary struggles with singleness, while birthing another statistic.

●  	how mothers become single and their children become broken without their Father’s love

●  	how to break generational curses, triumph over the enemy, and live victoriously.  

Pages 316

ISBN # 978-0-692-33076-0