Ollie L. Jefferson, Ph.D.

An academic scholar publishing research on diversity and inclusion of traditionally marginalized groups of people in multimedia and other industries

for systemic change.

Ollie L. Jefferson, Ph.D. academic scholarship spans from educational productions and presentations to publications.  Her upcoming scholarly book, "African American Women in the Oprah Winfrey Network's Queen Sugar Drama: Exemplary Representations On-Screen and Behind-the-Scenes," is based on her dissertation research. The Queen Sugar show creator-writer-director-producer, Ava DuVernay, requested to read the research study the day after she successfully defended her dissertation. 
Dr. Jefferson was honored to show how her analysis demonstrates counter-narratives and counterstereotypes vis-a-vis those of traditional mainstream media programming. 
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Jefferson, O.L. (Forthcoming Monograph). African American Women in The Oprah Winfrey Network's Queen Sugar Drama: Exemplary Representations On-Screen and Behind-the-Scenes. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books – Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.


Jefferson, O.L. (2020). African American Magazines. In D. Merskin (Ed.) SAGE International Encyclopedia of Mass Media and Society, (pp. 33-36). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publication. DOI:  10.4135/9781483375519

Book Contribution

Jefferson, O.L. (2019). Effective Speech Communication. In J. Gunn (Ed.) Speech Craft. MacMillian Learning.


“Transnational Perspectives on Race.” Comparative Literature Symposium. The University of Maryland, College Park. May 1, 2020.

“Faculty Members Panel.” Black Graduate Student Union. The University of Maryland, College Park. February 24, 2020.​

“Won’t You Celebrate with Me?”: A Black Feminist Gathering. The Fourth Biennial Interventions Symposium of the Women’s Studies Graduate Student Association. The University of Maryland, College Park. February 7, 2020.


"The Oprah Winfrey Network’s Queen Sugar Television Series: A Case Study on African-American Women Exemplary Representations On-Screen and Behind-the-Scenes" National Communication Association, 105th Annual Convention. Baltimore, MD. November 14-17, 2019. 


“Preparing Future Faculty Summit: Diversifying the Nation’s Professoriate.”  Howard University Graduate School National Conference. Washington, DC. April 24, 2019. (Master of Ceremony). 


“The Oprah Winfrey Network’s Queen Sugar Series: A Case Study on African-American Women Exemplary Representations On-Screen and Behind-the-Scenes.” Howard University Research Symposium. Washington, DC. April 12, 2019. (Paper Presentation)


“#MCACommTalk: Communication, Culture and Media Education.” Maryland Communication Association 34th Annual Conference at Howard University. Washington, DC. September 14-15, 2018. (Conference Coordinator and Master of Ceremony).


“Institutional Types of Research” and “The Benefits of Postdocs” Sessions. Howard University Center of Excellence for Future Faculty Conference. Washington, DC. March 27, 2018. (Moderator). 

“Communication in the Digital Age.” Maryland Communication Association 33rd Annual Conference at the College of Southern Maryland. Prince Fredrick, Maryland. October 14, 2017. (Conference Executive Board, Senior Planning Committee Member, and Master of Ceremony).

“Technology and Teaching Tools.” SAGE Publication Annual Marketing Conference. Alexandria, VA. May 10, 2017. (Panelist).

“Politics and Entertainment Culture, Communication, and Media.” Maryland Communication Association 32nd Annual Conference at Community College of Baltimore County. Baltimore, Maryland. October 21-22, 2016. (Conference Executive Board, Senior Planning Committee Member, and Paper Presentation).



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