Time Will Tell...Stage I

Ollie L. Jefferson, Ph.D.



Time Will Tell ... Stage I by Dr. Ollie L. Jefferson is the beginning of a three-part series. The first stage begins with the transparent voice of a teenager entering into womanhood — the period when the mind initiates actions causing lifetime decisions. It is a timeless true story of a young college woman full of dreams, coming of age, and on her way toward harsh reality. Travel through time with her as she recounts the decisions made in creating her life. Experience the journey of growing pains as she looked for love in all the wrong places. Watch out for the stumbling blocks. Pay attention to the warning signs and discover how sexual sacrifices shatter self-esteem, causing unnecessary struggles with singleness while birthing another statistic; how mothers become single and their children become broken without their Father's love; and how to break generational curses, triumph over the enemy, and live victoriously. A narrative to inspire daughters from all walks of life to turn from dead-end roads and step into their divine destiny. 


The autoethnography or autobiography was originally staged at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.


Sequel Performances Available:


Time Will Tell...Stage II by Ollie L. Jefferson, Ph.D.


Time Will Tell...Stage III by Ollie L. Jefferson, Ph.D.


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