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Professional and aspiring actors and actresses enjoy interactive training to perfect their craft of acting for television, film, theater, and live performances. The sessions are tailored for beginners to advanced solo performers, such as a one-person show featuring a comedian/comedienne or actor/actress who stands on stage and entertains an audience.


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  • Ollie L. Jefferson, Ph.D.

    Playwright | Director | Producer | Actress

    It Ain't Over Yet!

    A Timeless Visual Works Theater Production



  • Booking live interactive online lessons is convenient and secure. You will receive confirmation of purchase and schedule your morning or afternoon course. The rate is for every five (5) weekly sessions (30-minutes). Please consider your long- and short-term goals and the time you need to reach them. You are also welcome to contact us with any questions. 


    We look forward to helping you meet your goals!


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