It Ain't Over Yet! by Ollie L. Jefferson

They say, "You can't!"
I say, "I can!"
They say, "You won't!"
I say, "I will!"
They say, "It's impossible!"

Melody Rich can put her feelings into music since a little girl. However, she becomes timid when the entertainment industry does not have room for a full-figured woman, or appreciate gospel music.

Growing up on her father's soul food cooking causes memories of childhood obesity to resurface. Especially when her daddy's sassy and health-conscious wife, Viva, is around. Melody is tired of not singing her own songs and desperately seeks to eliminate her weight. In an attempt to look and feel like a diva, she comes to grips to whether losing weight is about vanity or a matter of life or death.

A live gospel experience that will inspire dreams to soar.

Theatrical stage play originally performed at Bowie State University.

IT AIN'T OVER YET! by Ollie L. Jefferson

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