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        Ollie L. Jefferson          Timeless Visual Works

      Founder | President | CEO

Ollie L. Jefferson, Ph.D.

Dr. Ollie L. Jefferson is a professor, producer, playwright, publisher, and president/founder of Timeless Visual Works (TVW). She has extensive experience in multimedia, executive management, education curriculum and development, and strategic planning. She is a trailblazer with a record of delivering results in all aspects of building and managing a business. Dr. Jefferson initiated TVW while serving in production for a nationally syndicated talk show, reality show, and television commercials. She is a native Southern Californian who started her corporate career at a multimedia conglomerate and major broadcast television network. Her multimedia expertise and successful entrepreneurial experience include producing and directing a broadcast quality music video/film, theatrical productions, and publications.

Dr. Jefferson is an author and publisher of the inspiring book series, 

Time Will Tell ... Stage I, II & III.  She performed the trilogy on multiple

occasions with her daughters, Nailah and Miniya, at the John F.

Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Page-to-the-StageThis

celebrated playwright and award-winning actress have

performed, produced, and toured original stage plays  annually at

over 65 auditoriums. From the start, productions have been a 

critical success while making headlines and performed by popular

demand. As the playwright wrote, It Ain't Over Yet!

Howard University Cathy Hughes School of Communications presented Dr. Ollie L. Jefferson and Timeless Visual Works with the 1st Place Award of the Business Plan Competition. One of her most notable achievements in the organization was to build technology into the curriculum. She is a recipient of the Donnie Fund presented by the Digitalundivided Team for catalyzing Black and Latinx women founders and entrepreneurs to build tech companies. The grant awards further support the media education and development of students in Timeless Theater Academy. Dr. Jefferson is on a mission to teach through multimedia. Her professorship started in communication studies at college and university research-oriented institutions as the University of Maryland - College Park, George Mason University, and Howard University.
















Dr. Jefferson has conducted scholarly research studies at Northwestern University and the University of Wollongong in Australia, and published in Johnson C. Smith University Undergraduate Research Journal. Her book contributions include Effective Speech Communication in Howard University Edition of Speech Craft published in Bedford/St. Martin's Macmillan Learning, and African American Magazines published in The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Mass Media and Society. Dr. Jefferson coined the term "exemplary representations" in her book, African American Women in the Oprah Winfrey Network's Queen Sugar Drama: Exemplary Representations On Screen and Behind the Scenes. The exemplary representations conceptual framework and model is a defining piece of her research developed to illustrate examples or exemplars for social and systemic change. The monograph is an extension of her dissertation to provide a unique analysis of studies on representations by highlighting exemplary practices. The Queen Sugar show creator-writer-director-producer, Ava DuVernay, requested to read her dissertation the day after successfully defending with oral distinction. Dr. Jefferson was honored to show how her analysis demonstrates counter-narratives and counter-stereotypes vis-a-vis those of traditional mainstream media programming. The text is sold worldwide and available at academic libraries such as Columbia University, Cornell University, Emory University, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University. A preview of the internationally distributed publication is available on Google Scholar.




Dr. Jefferson is interested in research and projects concerning traditionally marginalized groups. Her research focuses on exemplary representations of women and people of color, particularly women of color. She is a social scientist seeking solutions to problems concerning the intersection of race and gender. Dr. Jefferson graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Johnson C. Smith University (Honors College Program). She earned a Master of Arts degree in Communication: Producing Films & Videos from the American University and studied Education at Norte Dame of Maryland Graduate School. This teacher-scholar earned her doctorate in Communication, Culture and Media Studies at Howard University. She graduated in the top 1% of her class while earning College and University Faculty Preparations and Women’s Studies graduate-level certifications. Dr. Jefferson is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer in communication, leadership, entrepreneurship, and advocating for traditionally minoritized groups nationally and internationally. 













































































         Ollie L. Jefferson

Timeless Visual Works, LLC

 Playwright Public Speaker 

Dr. Ollie L. Jefferson & Howard University Students

Dr. Ollie L. Jefferson (middle) joined by her public speaking students at Howard University.

Dr. Ollie L. Jefferson, 1st Vice President/Coordinator of Maryland Communication Association 34th Conference, joined by Stevenson University Student Panel—Heather J. Sun, Paul A. Farrell, and Emma Cathy Smith: "We have watched and listened from the mountain!"(M'Baku to the Wakandan people): Analysis of Black Panther.

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Ollie L. Jefferson, PhD

Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland 



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