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Timeless Theater Academy!




"... dedicated, committed ... discipline and 

astute knowledge..."

- Robbin D. Floyd-Jones, Grandmother

Training Wills Christian Child Development Center

Before & After School Sessions

"...trustworthy, warm, and inviting; nurturing, firm, and confident; open, caring, and honest; and most of all patient ...

When Ms. Jefferson is blessed with an opportunity to expand, I will most certainly be there to support her and hope she has a space ..."

— Satira Davis, Mother

Training Wills Christian Child

Development Center

Miniya shares her unscripted testimony as a young actress. She is a Timeless Visual Works and Training Wills alumna who performed as a child star in over sixty stage plays. The Mommy Miniya and Me Show bears her name as a leading performer of the series. Miniya's name means "much is expected of her" and proves as a current talented and gifted university student.

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