Time Will Tell Stage I, II, & III  by Dr. Ollie L. Jefferson is a trilogy book series designed as a form of qualitative research

The author uses self-reflection and writing to explore lived experiences and connect this autoethnography and

autobiographical story to wider cultural,  social meaning, and understanding.   





Time Will Tell ... Stage 1

"... the best book I ever read in my life ... pointed out things I could have done better to help improve … opened my eyes to my behavior towards my daughters and I plan on having this discussion with them." - Anthony

Dr. Ollie L. Jefferson, Author

Book Signing

Author Ollie L. Jefferson & Family

Dr. Ollie L. Jefferson sequel book signing with her daughters, Nailah & Miniya.

Author Ollie L. Jefferson

Time Will Tell ... Stage I, II & III  by Ollie L. Jefferson, Ph.D. The timeless three-part book series tells stories of failures transformed into victories, tears transformed into peace, and insecurities transformed into confidence. The trilogy was written with the purpose to recreate the author's experiences reflexively, aiming to connect to the readers, helping them think and reflect on their lived experiences and embrace their own stories. Become Inspired ...

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Time Will Tell Book Series

Time Will Tell Event

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Time Will Tell ... Stage 1

Reaction of Performance Reading

"As the reader (Ollie L. Jefferson) told her story ... if you look around the room at the expressions on the face of the listeners, you could see them squeamish as they formed visual images of the act ... Ms. Jefferson really personified the personality of the characters from her book." - Sharron Stewart

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Author Ollie L. Jefferson is forever thankful for these women supporters!

John 3:16 Bookstore
Howard University Bookstore

Dr. Ollie L. Jefferson book signing at her alma mater, Howard University.

Author Ollie L. Jefferson

Book signing after the performance of Time Will Tell … Stage 1 at John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Daughters of Author

Nailah Jefferson and Miniya Jefferson portrayed the younger roles of their mother, Author Ollie L. Jefferson, at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Ollie L. Jefferson & Daughters

Time Will Tell ... Stage I by Ollie L. Jefferson transition from the page-to-stage at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Become Inspired ...

Author Ollie L. Jefferson

Author Ollie L. Jefferson successful book signings in Washington, D.C. on Georgia Ave at Howard University, Gospel Spreading Bookstore, & Sankofa Books. Pick up your copy today!

Book Signing
John 3:16

Author Ollie L. Jefferson greets reader.

Author Ollie L. Jefferson Signing
Howard University Student/Reader

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John F. Kennedy Center

Page-to-Stage Performance & Book Signing

Time Will Tell Stage I & II

Sankofa Bookstore

Time Will Tell…Stage 1 by Ollie L. Jefferson, Ph.D.

Howard University Bookstore

Author Ollie L. Jefferson, Ph.D.
Author Ollie L. Jefferson
Author Ollie L. Jefferson

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