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"The 12-scene play (Can I Get a Witness!) captured the audience's attention throughout...the audience laughed hysterically..."

Andrea R. Richards

 The Charlotte Post




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Artist of the Year

"Ollie L. Jefferson"

Solo Theatrical




D.C. Commission of the
Arts & Humanities Award
Publick Playhouse 

...execute praise and worship.


"Dancers (Nailah, Miniya, and Ollie L. Jeffersonwho seriously knew what it is to execute praise and worship."


- Curlen Lee

  Managing Director


...change a mind, change a heart, change a direction and change a life.

"The play "It Ain't Over Yet!" did what I was designed to do - change a mind, change a heart, change a direction and change a life. Because God has begun a good work in (dare I say) everyone who was there and He will see it to completion. Thank you for allowing God to use you to be an extension of Himself through your gifts, talents, abilities, and passions."

-D. Robinson

Try to make at least one show, you will be hooked.

"Love the (Mommy Miniya & Me) show... anyone who has not seen these three in action you are missing a treat. Try to make at least one show, you will be hooked. Watch out ladies, Tyler Perry might be calling soon."


-Dr. Celeste Owens


Dr. Ollie L. Jefferson 
Founder | President & 
Chief Executive Officer
Timeless Visual Works, LLC
The Inspirational Leader
Kennedy Center

Ollie L. Jefferson, celebrated playwright, performed with her daughters, Nailah and Miniya, at the John F. Kennedy Center Page-to-Stage. A portrayal of Timeless Publishing sequel story, 

Time Will Tell..Stage II.




"...empowered...encouraged...transformation...'Timeless Visual Works' and 'The Mommy Miniya and Me Show' has sown a special place in my heart!"

-Michele Renee


 Selah Sisters 

... I am glad I did not miss this one.

"...the play (It Ain't Over Yet!) was fabulous. All I could say is Oh my God! Everyone was great. I am glad I did not miss this one." 

-D. Ward



Cathy Hughes School of communications





1st Place Business Plan Award






Daughters of the King

"It is unanimous - your impact and impression on the girls were extraordinary." 

-Minister Leslie Johnson

 President/Founder & Board Member 

 Daughter of the King

... positive... production that the whole family can enjoy!

"I along with several Allentown Boys and Girls Club members was in attendance at last afternoon's (The Mommy Miniya & Me) show. We all really enjoyed it a lot. It's refreshing to see a positive, wholesome production that the whole family can enjoy. Thank you, Ollie!! You're doing an excellent job of raising wonderful young ladies and a wonderful job of putting together an enlightening and engaging production. I'm happy that we had the opportunity to see it. Thank you!" 


- Cassandra Davis

  Boys & Girls Club Coordinator

Boys & Girls Club 
Ambassador for
Economic Independence 
... trailblazer and history maker ...

Timeless Visual Works, LLC Inspirational Leader, Ollie L. Jefferson, received the First Lady Award as the 'first lady' of her family to launch successful businesses. Honored as a "trailblazer" and "history maker" by Industrial Bank and Ambassador for Economic Independence.  


... very funny ...

"I think that your (Mommy Miniya & Me) shows are very funny and I love how they teach life lessons. I love it. Miniya is always so funny. I have seen one of the shows and it was about how Miniya took Nailahs' diary and then read it, she spilled the drink on her mother's robe and she learned her lesson.

-K. Sandy

11 years old 




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